Under pressure

by Tessa Zettel on April 8, 2013, one comment

We’ve acquired an old German barometer, and today tried taking hourly readings. Air pressure appears to have dropped slightly since the first reading this morning, which would indicate the approach of a low pressure system, perhaps some light rain. Indeed around lunchtime we did get a bit of a sprinkle.. No movement since then.

In the afternoon we also made a simple balloon + glass barometer. It seems fairly stable at the moment. (Note: meat grinder is non-essential, just provided a handy ledge).*

bigbarometer1 ourbarometer1

*Postscript: 2 hours later and unless I am mistaken my straw has swung a couple of notches up! There has been no change to the hand on the ‘proper’ aneroid barometer since this morning and I am growing a little suspicious of its abilities..

One thought on “Under pressure

  1. “Unmoored from many standard European prejudices, he took too conducting idiosyncratic investigations and ritual activities, some of them meditative almost to the point of being transcendental, which seemed designed to intensify the mysteries so that he could lose himself in the flux rather than stand to one side dispassionately itemising and analysing the regimented life. For example, he developed the habit of pausing for five intermissions every day, to record the weather conditions. He jotted these meteorological observations in a separate journal, nothing special qualities in the shifting wind, describing the sky, the pressured weight of the air, sensing and saying what type of heat or cold was glossing every moment. His fieldwork was thus part of an interpretive process that immersed him night and day in a welter of mutable information that prompted him to select, combine and narrate the more telling elements of his unfolding circumstances in such a way that he gradually came to know, from the inside, some organising tendencies or relational grammar in the world he was infiltrating. He began to comprehend the world as a dynamic system rather than something with hierarchies of status.”
    Ross Gibson, ‘Event-Grammar: The Language Notebooks of William Dawes”, Meanjin, Vol. 68, No. 2, 2009.

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