where the wind things are

by Tessa Zettel on April 15, 2013, no comments

With the wind direction meter on our ‘Weatherscope’ looking well and truly broken, I’ve resorted to making an improvised weathervane. Happily, the internet offers today’s aspiring wind observers a full spectrum of options, from the simplest of jobs to this sophisticated number (involving power tools!). With a functioning compass base, and a chicken, I’d like to think mine […]

Harrington St Library

by Jennifer Hamilton on April 12, 2013, no comments

Working Bibliography   Aristotle, Meteorologica (Cambridge: Harvard University Press), 1952 Birmingham, John, Leviathan: the unauthorised biography of Sydney (North Sydney: Random House), 2000 Bonyhady, Tim, The Colonial Earth (Melbourne: Melbourne University Press), 2002 Cervantes, Miguel de, Don Quixote, (London: Penguin Books), 2003 Clendinnen, Inga, Dancing with Strangers (Melbourne: Text Publishing Company), 2003 Dunlop, Storm, Oxford […]

Grammar Lesson #2

by Jennifer Hamilton on April 12, 2013, no comments

In 26 Views of a Starburst World, Ross Gibson argues that William Dawes was exposed to an entirely different cosmology in the process of trying to record the Sydney language. Gibson shows how Dawes began to see this different perspective on the world when he was learning the language by means of a series encounters […]

The Storm of February 6, 1788

by Jennifer Hamilton on April 12, 2013, no comments

About seven years ago my flatmate James was reading The Fatal Shore when he came across the following passage and read it out loud: “A fortnight passed before enough tents and huts were ready for the female convicts. On February 6 their disembarkation began, and all through the day the longboats plied between the transports […]

Grammar lesson #1

by Jennifer Hamilton on April 8, 2013, no comments

In 26 Views of the Starburst World, Ross Gibson sheds new light on the ways in which the language of the Eora people differs from the rules of English grammar. He claims that the local language seems to have an ‘event grammar’. English grammar categorises words in order to understand their structural relationship to other […]

Under pressure

by Tessa Zettel on April 8, 2013, one comment

We’ve acquired an old German barometer, and today tried taking hourly readings. Air pressure appears to have dropped slightly since the first reading this morning, which would indicate the approach of a low pressure system, perhaps some light rain. Indeed around lunchtime we did get a bit of a sprinkle.. No movement since then. In […]

A publishing venture

by Tessa Zettel on April 5, 2013, no comments

Cloudy though warm. A slight heaviness to the air. On our second day in-residence, Jen and I set about concretising our activities and expectations for the project. There are so many enticing paths leading out of the cluster of ideas that begin this work. A governing system for our time and energies is the first […]

The Weather Today

by Jennifer Hamilton on April 2, 2013, no comments

We are not only here to make jam, but also to investigate different kinds of human-weather relations. The most primal human-weather relation is the one where we exclaim something about the weather like ‘It is so very hot today!’ or ‘Oh boy! It’s quite chilly out.’ or ‘Isn’t this weather glorious!?’. But empirical observations are […]


by Tessa Zettel on April 2, 2013, no comments

Our first day on-site. A crisp, sunny day. It turns out the large tree in the courtyard area is a lillipilli, with fruit literally covering the ground. Lillipilli jam may ensue.