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where the wind things are

by Tessa Zettel on April 15, 2013, no comments

With the wind direction meter on our ‘Weatherscope’ looking well and truly broken, I’ve resorted to making an improvised weathervane. Happily, the internet offers today’s aspiring wind observers a full spectrum of options, from the simplest of jobs to this sophisticated number (involving power tools!). With a functioning compass base, and a chicken, I’d like to think mine […]

Under pressure

by Tessa Zettel on April 8, 2013, one comment

We’ve acquired an old German barometer, and today tried taking hourly readings. Air pressure appears to have dropped slightly since the first reading this morning, which would indicate the approach of a low pressure system, perhaps some light rain. Indeed around lunchtime we did get a bit of a sprinkle.. No movement since then. In […]

After Dawes

by Jennifer Hamilton on March 28, 2013, no comments

William Dawes is the namesake of this blog and a figure inspiring our thinking during the residency in The Rocks. Dawes is not a well-known colonial figure, even though Dawes Point is the most prominent headland under the southern side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. There will be more on Dawes himself in the coming […]